Friends of Duff House

Spring Talks Porgramme 2019

Talks are all held at 2pm in the Long Gallery in Duff House.

These talks are open to all with no need to book.  There is no extra charge to those with entry to Duff House (incl HES members) nor to members of FoDH; a nominal charge is payable by others.  The talks are timed to allow attendees to enjoy lunch, and/or afternoon tea, in the downstairs Tea Room.  There is disabled access to all floors.

Important: The Friends Talks are a perfume free zone.  We politely ask that all those coming along do not use perfumed products beforehand.  Thankyou

Thu 24th Jan

Silversmithing at the Bothy”. Megan Falconer is a very accomplished silversmith and works at the Banff Silversmith Centre.  She will give us insights into The Smiddy and her skills working with silver – and perhaps entice you to go along and visit or even join one of the courses that are run for all abilities.


Thu 31st Jan

James Byres – between Aberdeenshire and Rome in the Grand Tour eraWilliam Paton, PhD student, has been researching James Byres who was Aberdeenshire born but for three decades in the 18th century lived in Rome as a guide for those on the Grand Tour, and most importantly as an art dealer putting potential Grand Tourers in touch with artists.  An influential Scotsman not often remembered.


Thu 7th Feb

Scotland’s Early Silver” by Dr Adrian Maldanado.  One of the many excellent Exhibitions in Duff House, is currently on display in four rooms on 2nd Floor until 17th March.  The Exhibition, and Adrian’s Talk, follow on from the inspiring Talk his National Museum of Scotland colleague Alice Blackwell gave us a year ago.  The Exhibition contains a huge amount of silver explaining how it not only fits in with, but helped to shape, Scotland’s history.  Silver used to be more precious than gold and some of the artistry is outstanding.


Thu 14th Feb

“Police Scotland Youth Volunteers”  On 20th July 2018 at the Memorial Service for the bombing of Duff House, Friends were lucky enough to have several PSYV members attending, helping to keep things organised.  We found them outstanding and are very delighted to welcome Yvonne Squair back to Duff House to tell us more about the formation and purpose of this very well respected youth organisation.


Thu 21st Feb

“The Mearns Distilled”  Once again we are delighted to have a return speaker.  Andy Hall is an excellent Aberdeenshire photographer and has shown some inspiring pictures on the large screen.  This time he will show us around the ancient Mearns area south of Aberdeen, dedicated to the early twentieth century writer Lewis Grassic Gibbon.  This is a most interesting part of the country with many highlights lots of people will recognise.


Thu 28th Feb

Community Boatbuilding on the Moray Coast”.  Lorna Summers was a local Headteacher and now is a prime example of never been so busy retiree!  She is currently involved in, and formally studying, the local boatbuilding heritage along the Moray Coast.  This includes the traditional and the more recent development of St Ayles Skiffs, showing the very positive impact these projects have on those involved.


Thu 7th Mar

The LynxDavid Hetherington is an ecologist and author.  In 2018 he collaborated with the organisation “Scotland: The Big Picture” and photographer Laurent Geslin, the present unbiased factual information about the Lynx and how it interacts with humans and their activities across Europe.  Will Britain be the last corner of Europe without any of its now missing large predators?  What would it mean to live once more alongside Europe’s largest cat?


Thu 14th Mar

Macduff Harbour”  In 1966 after a major upgrade at the Harbour, and again in 1983 for the Burgh 200th anniversary, a booklet “Macduff and its Harbour” was published.  For this chronological look at the centrepiece of the town the Macduff Heritage Society draws on those and many other sources, looking at the harbour facilities for Macduff from the earliest times, a wide range of photos and some previously unseen video footage from the major work in 1965.


Thu 21st Mar

“Romantic Scotland”   In May 2019 an exciting new Exhibition is coming to Scotland entitled “Romantic Scotland”.  Two of the curating team are coming to explain about the Exhibition, to show us some preview pictures.  The Exhibition explores how a romantic view of Scotland’s past popularised by writers like Sir Walter Scott and painters like Alexander Nasmyth compares with archival evidence, using objects, paintings, photographs and other treasures.  The Talk will be presented by the lead curators: Rebecca Bailey of Historic Environment Scotland and Patricia Allerston of National Galleries of Scotland.